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Kathryn Philbrook

Tacoma, WA
Day Phone:253-691-9615
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  • Sex:female
  • Age Range: 30 - 40
  • Vocal Range: alto
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: brown
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight:135

Representation: Tiffany Talent  email

Review: Much Ado about Nothing  South Sound Arts  Reviewed by Michael Dresder "From the second Philbrook’s Beatrice saunters on stage and opens her mouth you know exactly who she is; a smart, sassy, sexy, self-assured woman who would these days be called an upper hand feminist. She was absolutely endearing to watch and listen to, with facial and body English so clear it would have conveyed her message even without words. It was a flawless performance." Review: Much Ado about Nothing The Volcano Reviewed by Christian Carvajal "Kathryn Philbrook, who resembles a young Minnie Driver in the garb of Rosie the Riveter, is brassy and sexy as Beatrice. Their (Beatrice and Benedick’s) Act IV, Scene 1 is outstanding . . ." Review: Murder on the Nile The Olympian/The Tacoma News Tribune Reviewed by Alec Clayton "The most notable acting in the play is turned in by Kathryn Philbrook as the saucy French maid. She is very expressive and goes from subservient to flirtatious in the bat of an eyelash. And she handles the French accent well."

Review: A Piece of My Heart, The Tacoma News Tribune, Reviewed by Rosemary Ponnekanti "Kathryn Philbrook is utterly convincing as Martha, an Army brat who feels called to serve as a Navy Nurse, and discovers the dark underbelly of the military experience.  As she powerfully brings the hospital ward scenes to life, we see through her eyes the pain and despair, and it's later internal effect on her."

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