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John Kelleher

Kent, WA
Day Phone:253 854 4295
Eve Phone: 206 799 3817
Cell Phone: 206 799 3817
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  • Sex:male
  • Age Range: 40 - 99
  • Vocal Range: Bass/High-Baritone
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: brown
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Weight:285


My Fair Lady, Lyric Light Opera

The supporting cast could hardly be bettered... John Kelleher owns the stage every time he sets foot upon it as Eliza's wiser than he knows dustman dad Alfred Dolittle, and he leads the show's two most rousing revels, "With A Little Bit of Luck" and "Get Me to the Church on Time..."

-Talkin' Broadway Seattle, David - Edward Hughes

There are some subplots as well, one involving Doolittle's father, Alfred, played and sung with great panache by the robust John Kelleher.

- HeraldNet, Everett, WA, Theresa Goffredo

Illyria, Redwood Theatre

The bawdier, goofier characters are deliciously well represented by John Kelleher as the impish and frequently besotted Sir Toby Belch...

- Talkin' Broadway Seattle, David-Edward Hughes

CATS, Tacoma Musical Playhouse

The cast is huge with 28 named cast members, many of whom have solos. None of the characters can quite be said to have lead or starring roles, but there are a few who stand out. Among these are Christensen, O'Hara, John Kelleher and Steve Barnett...John Kelleher as Old Deuteronomy sings beautifully on the climactic number "The Ad-dressing of Cats,"...

- Tacoma News Tribune, Alec Clayton

The Diary of Anne Frank, Renton Civic Theatre

In the showy roles of the Van Daans, John Kelleher and Deya Ozburn dominate the production. Ozburn totally convinces as a woman who goes into hysterics when her husband sells her prized mink coat, and Kelleher is deeply moving when he realizes the selfishness of stealing the food rations for himself.

- Talkin' Broadway Seattle, David-Edward Hughes

The Addams Family Musical, Burien Actors Theatre

The most wonderful performance was given by Uncle Fester (John Kelleher). Kelleher sits comfortably in his role as the thoughtful uncle who will do anything to achieve a happy ending for his niece. As an actor on stage, it is difficult to completely lose oneself in a character so that one is no longer ‘acting’ a part, but becomes that character. Kelleher achieves this and anchors the production.

- The B-Town Blog, Shelli Park

Let’s start with the brilliance, shall we, because I can’t contain myself, I’m so excited to write about one particular performance.  Uncle Fester, performed by John Kelleher, was absolutely phenomenal!  Fester’s delightful mischief in helping Miss Wednesday find true love drives the play, and in the hands of a less skilled actor, this role can seem manipulative and cheesy, but in Mr. Kelleher’s ridiculously, brilliantly talented hands, Fester was filled with a whimsy and commitment to this captivating character, that had me smiling every time he stepped on stage.  Mr. Kelleher stole every scene he was in with his adorable physicality, his spritely energy, and his clear character choices.  This is how you create comedic moments, people!  You simply sink into the character, trust the script, and commit to your choices!  The best voice in the cast, Mr. Kelleher didn’t miss a note, and never once did he drop this very specific character; it’s this performance alone that you should rush to the Burien Actors Theatre to experience because you’ll be smiling and giggling the whole wonderful time!  Well done, Sir!

- Thus Spoke Lady M

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Tacoma Musical Playhouse

The actors who steal every scene they were in were (John) Kelleher as Baron Bombast and (Dana) Johnson as the Baroness. They are wonderful - truly owning their roles. The two musical numbers they shine in, "Chu-Chi Face," a delightfully comic love song to each other, and "The Bombie Samba," a wild Latin song-and-dance number with the Baron and Baroness backed up by the ensemble, are the comic and musical highlights of the show.

- Northwest, Alec Clayton

 "John Kelleher is the comically evil Baron Bomburst. Kelleher plays his role with child-like greed, anticipation and excitement... These two duos of dastardly duos have a couple of duos that are delightfully hilarious."

- The Suburban Times, Lynn Geyer

Ghosts, New Muses Theatre Company

“Manders is played by John Kelleher, a dynamic actor who breaths(sic) life into the role of a man of the cloth who, while earnest, is too beholden to rules of propriety, is a little too willing to take others at their word, and is somewhat overly concerned about his public reputation.”

-Tacoma Weekly, Dave R. Davison

The Addams Family Musical, Tacoma Musical Playhouse

"Kelleher is marvelously light-hearted and flirtatious as Uncle Fester. He is campy, sweet and endearing. His love song to the moon, “The Moon and Me,” is the absolute comic highlight of a show filled with comic highlights, many of which zip past almost too quickly for the audience to catch."

- The News Tribune, Alec Clayton

"John Kelleher is Uncle Fester.  It’s amazing how someone so stuffed and made up to look exactly like the rotund cartoon can be as lithe as Kelleher; just good acting.  Kelleher has the heart of the audience when he professes his true love in “The Moon and Me.”"

- The Suburban Times,Lynn Geyer

"John Kelleher plays Uncle Fester. Part moon-fetishist, part young romance facilitator, Uncle Fester is a rich role and one filled with potential. Mr. Kelleher brings out both the joy and angst of the character. It is fine work"

 -, Kim Hastings

Meet Me In St. Louis, Tacoma Musical Playhouse

John Kelleher is...Grandpa Prophater.  Kelleher is perfect as the aging, loving geriatric member of the family.  He seems to be the answer to most problems, just like grandfathers in real life do; very believable.

- The Suburban Times, Lynn Geyer

Mack and Mabel, Sing Out Louise Productions, in cooperation with SecondStory Repertory

There is standout work from Seattle-area stalwarts... John Kelleher as silent film comic Fatty Arbuckle.

- Seattle Gay Scene, Robert Conway



Mr Bumble in ManeStage Theatre Company's production of Oliver, February 3 - 18, at Sumner PAC


Nominated for Seattle Awards 2016

Featured Actor in a Musical (Local) - Uncle Fester, The Addams Family Musical, Tacoma Musical Playhouse

Best Actor in a Play (Local) - Pastor Manders, Ghosts, New Muses Theatre Company

AACT Region 9 2017 Festival/Competition

Best Supporting Actor - Uncle Fester, The Addams Family Musical, Tacoma Musical Playhouse


Overall Best Production - The Addams Family Musical, Tacoma Musical Playhouse.



Director/Music Director, Knuffle Bunny, A Cautionary Musical, TMP Family Theatre, March 10 - 18, Tacoma Musical Playhouse


Music Direction/Pit Orchestra Resume available upon request.

I have completed my Master's Program, and have graduated with a Master's in Education degree, with an emphasis in Technology in Education. I graduated with at 4.0 GPA.

Professions/skills: Vocal Coach;Singer;Musician;Educator;Actor Music Arranger; Music Director

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