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Grace Truman

Kennewick, WA
Day Phone:5095394288
Cell Phone: 5095394288
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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Sex:female
  • Age Range: 10 - 16
  • Vocal Range: raspy, alto
  • Eyes: blue green
  • Hair: brown
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Weight:100

Representation: Dawn Taylor Reinhardt  email

Hello! My name is Grace Truman, and I'm a fun, sassy freckle faced girl. I can play wholesome, sweet, spirited, sporty, and girl next door type of characters. I have many wonderful skills and talents including premier soccer,  basketball, handling of chickens, horses and other farm animals and more. 
Grace's Profile: Casting Frontier 
Grace's Profile: Agency Pro  
Grace's Profile: Casting Networks 
More Skills & Talents:
BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BOWLING (Intermediate), FRISBEE (Intermediate), HIKING (Intermediate), ICE SKATE (Beginner), JOGGING (Advanced), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), PING PONG (Intermediate), ROCK CLIMBER (Beginner), ROLLER SKATE (Beginner), ROLLERBLADE (Intermediate), RUNNING (Intermediate), SNORKELER (Advanced), SNOW SKI (Intermediate), SOCCER (Advanced), TRAMPOLINE (Intermediate), VOLLEYBALL (Intermediate) Swimming, HIGH JUMP (Intermediate), HURDLE (Beginner), LONG JUMP (Intermediate), RELAY (Intermediate), SHOT PUT (Beginner), SPRINTER (Beginner), TRACK, GENERAL (Beginner) VIDEO GAMES (Intermediate), YO-YO (Intermediate), YOGA (Beginner)​ VIDEO GAMES (Intermediate), YO-YO (Intermediate), YOGA (Beginner)​

Professions/skills: Voice Talent;Model;Actor

Member in:

- 2017
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