Amie Rowell

Redmond, WA
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  • Sex:female
  • Age Range: 25 - 30
  • Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blond
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Weight:190

Actor. Writer. Director. Super nerd.

I speak classical text "trippingly on the tongue", and while passion indicates a preference for Shakespearean theater, I am well-versed in all manner of work in various genres which require speaking, singing, screaming, swashbuckling, rolling around, thinking, creepy-crawling, crying, and dying. I approach my work with professionalism and unrelenting dedication. I do nothing in half-measures. Acting isn't something I do, it is who I am. I am a transformative performer - I love the challenge of finding the physical life of characters very different from myself and delight in every opportunity for dialect work. I think stage combat is a blast and I get a kick of creating and performing awesome fight scenes. I am drawn to playing insidiusly evil characters, sultry characters, romantic characters, creepy monsters, narrators, and iconic roles written for men (I'm looking at you, Hamlet, Iago). I enjoy every chance to interact with the audience. I am fun to work with on an individual level and as part of a collaborative/generative ensemble.

I have a four-year degree from Cornish College of the Arts, where I studied Acting/Writing/Directing with a two-year focus on the creation of original works. I have some experience in film, both in front of and behind the camera, and I am always looking to gain more. When not on stage, I can most likley be found writing poetry, narrating audiobooks, learning aerial silks, or playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Professions/skills: Writer;Voice Talent;Stage Manager;Stage Combatant;Singer;Playwright;Model;Dramaturg;Director;Actor

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