Jay Hill

Renton, WA
Day Phone:425-830-9161
Eve Phone: 425-830-9161
Cell Phone: 425-830-9161
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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Ethnicity: Mutt
  • Sex:male
  • Age Range: 50 - 75
  • Vocal Range: Tenor
  • Eyes: hazel
  • Hair: silver/black
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight:195

On-Camera Acting Techniques John Jacobsen at Freehold, Seattle
An Actor's Technique Class with Aaron Levin, Seattle
Improv training with Matt Smith, Freehold
On-Camera Acting Techniques and Development with Ken Kreps, Seattle
Acting workshops "Gentle art of Being" with Nike Imoru, Seattle
Film/Theater Fighting workshops with Kendall Wells, Geoffrey Alm
Acting for the Camera workshops, Jodi Rothfield, Seattle, WA
Advanced Class Kalles/Levine Casting Seattle, WA
Meisner Technique/Improv/Emotional prep: Seattle Acting School : J.D. Coburn
"Valley Medical ER simulations" Multiple patients
"Hearos"  barbarian & alien, Team Awesome
“Spokely” role of odd athlete
"Home care training" role of guy dying of cancer
"Uncle Vanya" role of 'Professor Serebryakov" director Susan Bradford
Wrote/co-produced/acted in "The Holy Grail To Retirement"
“Paper Houses”  role “Bartman”, Producer: Curtis L. Fulton: Director: Jen Moon
FILM (partial list):
"No Escape" Fred Keeting, directors: Aidan Logan, TJ Hemmen
"Friendly Killers" Jack (one of the two killers), director Chipp Sanders
"The Neighbor"  Harold (suicidal neighbor), directed by Carmen Orange
"Karma is a Terrier" Grandfather, director Jesse Amorrantanasuchad
"Surveyor"  Vandanmahler (scalp hunter), producer Scott Blake

"One Man Band" role of alien, produced by Carl Westgren

"Revenge of the Lost" Mad scientist, produced by Eric Franklin

"You Can't Win" angry logger,  director Robinson Devor

"Enumclaw Historical" logger,  Produced by Jerimiah Kaynor

"West End" role of mob boss, produced by Theodore Hypolite

"7 Minutes" double for Kris Kristofferson
“Calliope” role of Odin, director Andy Gill
"Scrapper" role of junk yard worker
“Red Roses”, role of incestuous pedofile, director Chris Hayes
‘”King of the Mountain”, role “Bear”,  Paul Eisenbacher
"Rouge Saints" role Mr. Jacobs, director Adam Lubanski
"The Flamethrower" a bum and a drunk, producer Tamara Thompson
"Liberation", Obnoxious guy eaten by aliens, Nils Osmer
"Last Rites"  Cardinal of Chicago, director Tom Hagman
"Jagger Gravning Syndrome" -  Zen Hunter, director Jagger Gravning   
 "The Whole Truth" 2 court room roles, produced by Colleen Patrick.
 "Eyes in the Dark"  Leader for a Search team, produce Bjorn Anderson
 "Haven Cove"  small town mechanic, director Josh Lane
Father of wonderful son, mountaineering, rock/snow/ice climbing, lumberjack, landlord, studying yoga/ Tai Chi,  30+ yrs Tech Analyst Boeing Flight Ops Engineering.
Theatre Puget Sound
Habitat for Humanities
Note: missing half of left hand.

Professions/skills: Writer;Technician;Student;Actor ,mountaineer, landlord, lumberjack, spotlight operator, technical analyst, rock climbing, snow and ice climbing, studying acting, yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, CERT trained, MOFA trained

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