Matthew Hornbeck

Seattle, WA
Cell Phone: (928) 853-1820
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  • Sex:male
  • Age Range: 17 - 30
  • Vocal Range: baritone-tenor
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Weight:175

Matthew Hornbeck has been actively involved in theatre and music since age seven, when he played the role of �Christian� in the local church production of Enchanted Journey. By the time Matthew had finished high school he had performed in over 60 main and side stage productions as well as a handful of professional touring groups. During this time Matthew�s roles included; �Jesus� in Godspell, �Prof. Harold Hill� in The Music Man, �Mordred� in Camelot, �Victor Velasco� in Barefoot In The Park, �Seymour Krelborn� in Little Shop of Horrors, �Professor Alfred Kokintz� in The Mouse That Roared, and �Snoopy� in Snoopy. Since graduating high school, Matthew has received his BS degree in Sociology, with a dual minor in Theatre and Music from Northern Arizona University (NAU). In May 2008 Matthew completed his MA in Applied Sociology, in which he wrote a two-act play titled �Pick-Up Artist: The Musical� for his thesis project. The thesis was intended to utilize the musical format as a means of conveying sociological ideas about hegemonic masculinity and its effects on sexually objectified femininity to a mainstream audience and thus, promote critical discourse around assumed masculine expressions. The play is currently being held for consideration by the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF) new works division, and is being entered for the KCACTF Musical Theater Award. While working on his BS and MA degrees Matthew has also had the opportunity of performing in NAU�s traveling production of Wiley and the Hairy Man as �Wiley� as well as NAU�s side stage production of You�re A Good Man Charlie Brown as �Snoopy�. Matthew has currently applied to the doctorate program in Drama from the University of Washington for the 2009 autumn quarter and he and his wife are attending the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program, under the direction of the award-winning composer Hummie Mann. Matthew Hornbeck is beyond passionate about the arts and is actively seeking any opportunities he can find to further his experience and knowledge within these fields.

Professions/skills: Writer;Singer;Playwright;Musician;Educator;Composer;Actor

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