Alysha Curry

Seattle, WA
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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Sex:female
  • Age Range: 21 - 35
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 5' 5"

Alysha was most recently seen in 14/48:TWQTF (The 14/48 Projects), The Twilight Zone: Live! (Theater Schmeater), Much Better (Really-Really Theatre Group), Coyote Tails (The 14/48 Projects), Private Lives (Reboot Theatre), My Man Godfrey (Theater Schmeater), The Lost Girls (Annex Theatre), Raggedy Ann and Andy (Theater Schmeater), and My Dear Miss Chancellor (Annex Theatre). She studied Theatre at Seattle Pacific University where she is now on staff.

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Catch Alysha in the role of Rheba in Sound Theatre Company's You Can't Take It With You. Performing February 22-March 11th!

After that, see her as Lady Fidget in The Country Wife at Theater Schmeater. March 23-April 14th!


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"Curry is charming and innocent when she finds herself in trouble, bringing some humor to the production. This episode alone is worth a visit to Theater Schmeater." -Drama in the Hood on The Twilight Zone: Live!

"Lead Alysha Curry offers an impressive performance in the debut production from Really Really Theatre Group, says critic Dusty Somers.

​Curry takes the stage panting for air, and her wide-ranging performance traverses a path from breathless to nearly comatose.
The desperation of Curry’s performance brings this concept to life, consistently reminding us of the avalanche of unspeakable feelings that are bound up inside. It’s an impressive feat." -The Seattle Times on Much Better

"As Ashley, Alysha Curry has the heaviest lifting to do. Not only is she on stage for the entire play, but she is called on to carry off not only a rich range of emotions but more trickily, the widest variety of emotional dynamic range. And at no time on the journey did the feelings seem forced or out of scale… except when meant to." Sex and Longing and Theatre on Much Better

"The cast is also a solid group, beginning with Alysha Curry who plays Ashley. [...] Curry manages this transition beautifully, and in a managed progression that works to perfectly step through all the phases." Seattle Gay News on Much Better

"The character with the troubling personality is Ashley. She is performed with focus and flair by Alysha Curry. " -Drama in the Hood on Much Better

"Alysha Curry's Sybil is young and fretful, and a polished comedian." -Broadway World on Private Lives

"Most stories about highfalutin’ life in the 1930s require a wisecracking maid, and Alysha Curry as Molly has an admirable, eye-rolling world-weariness. We should all be so sanguine when dealing with the fickleness of the world" -The Seattle Times on My Man Godfrey

"The performances of Alysha Curry as Molly the maid [...] displayed quick comedic timing and attention to detail that kept the audience laughing all night." -Drama in the Hood on My Man Godfrey

"Alysha Curry as Rosa makes the most of her few lines with a consistently hilarious delivery, and she sells her arc from virginal sweetheart to very chill Bacchae." -Deconstruct on The Lost Girls

"The cast is a handful of young talents [...] they include Rosa (Alysha Curry) who is a religious intellectual with summer camp curiosity about Lesbian sex (and turns out to be the funniest character of them all.) -Seattle Gay News on The Lost Girls

"Rosa, played by Alysha Curry, performs hilarious, dry monologues [...] that afterwards leave the audience gasping for breath." -Drama in the Hood on The Lost Girls

"The supporting cast is also very strong with two terrific performances from the show’s “villains’, Jasmine Joshua as Mrs. Shepard, Hazel’s revenge seeking jilted lover, and Alysha Curry as Miss Browning, the new lover to Mrs. Shepard. [...] Both actresses seem to be very much enjoying their bodice ripping villainy and both give delightful performances." -Seattle Gay Scene on My Dear Miss Chancellor

"Both antagonists exuded unique, hysterical energy to the play: I could not keep my eyes off [...] coquettish confidant Charlotte Browning played by Alysha Curry." -Broadway World on My Dear Miss Chancellor

"As the comic relief, Johns and Curry are wonderfully paired, with beautifully contrasting manners and personalities, and excellent chemistry.." -Drama in the Hood on Taphouse

"Alysha Curry as Mrs. Armstrong manages to be adorable." -Drama in the Hood on The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

"..Alysha Curry provides standout performance: she as the somewhat awkward but genuinely charming Julie, struggling to cross the divide from child to adult with as much grace as she can muster.." -Seattle Metblogs on Mr. Angelo

"Alysha Curry as Lydia is scrumptious. Her big eyes invite and exalt. She's a temptress.." -Seattle Times on The Masters

Professions/skills: Bookkeeper/Accounting;Administrator;Actor ;Balloon Artist; Barista

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