Carolyn Marie Monroe

Seattle, WA
Film/Video reel
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  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Sex:female
  • Age Range: 25 - 40
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Height: 5' 8"

Representation: Dangerfield Talent


Recent Credits:

Burn This with Theatre22 directed by Corey McDaniel

Lydia with Strawberry Theatre Workshop directed by Sheil McDaniels

Romeo and Juliet with Seattle Shakespeare Company directed by Vanessa Miller

4000 MIles  with Artists Repertory Theatre directed by Alana Byington


Other work includes The JAW Festival at Portland Center Stage and Katherine in Wooden O's 2013 production of Henry V, directed by George Mount. Before that, Carolyn spent two seasons touring Washington schools with Seattle Shakespeare Company as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Ophelia in Hamlet and Lady MacDuff in Macbeth. Other favorite roles around town include Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion (Sound Theatre Company) and Jackie in Mauritius (Seattle Public Theatre). In 2012, Carolyn made her network television debut on NBC's GRIMM. She is an avid rock climber and yogi, and regularly takes classes in aerial silks and trapeze. Carolyn has a strong aptitude for learning languages and dialects, and is always eager to incorporate her love of language (and heights) into her work onstage and on camera. 


Marisol (The Collision Theater):

"Carolyn Marie Monroe has the daunting task of portraying Marisol... What I admired most about her performance was her control over the arc of the drama, never losing or ever really having control over the events in her life and in her world. She also made Marisol feel real throughout and that is vital in a play where almost everything else had a very dubious reality." - Jerry Kraft / Seattle Actor 

Romeo and Juliet (GreenStage):

"As Juliet, Carolyn Marie Monroe joins Higgins and McDaniel in straightforwardly embracing how her character, and Romeo, meet cute and stay that way as they fast-track a secret marriage...The hint of surprise with which Higgins and Monroe experience love as a leap toward full-bodied independence, a coming into their own, is the best thing about this show." - Tom Keogh / Seattle Times

Edmond (Balagan Theatre):

"As Glenna the waitress, Carolyn Marie Monroe combines earthy languor with the coils to spring." -Margaret Friedman / Seattle Weekly

The Tempest (Seattle Shakespeare Company):

"Carolyn Marie Monroe makes a lovely, wide-eyed Miranda, winning laughs in the right places (such as when she spots a guy, other than her dad, for the first time), and sharing a tender rapport with Winters." -Misha Berson / Seattle Times

End Days (Seattle Public Theatre):

"This irreverent, energetic and utterly amusing brightly performed by this balanced and talented cast, under the direction of Carol Roscoe...The young Rachel, draped in black, face deadened beneath white makeup and black lipstick, is all about the facade, and Carolyn Marie Monroe plays the character with just enough superficial bravado and just enough internal insecurity." -Jerry Kraft / Seattle Actor

Top Girls (Sound Theatre Company):

"...this production offers some top notch acting and is worth seeing for that alone...Carolyn Marie Monroe as Angie, the youngster who idolizes her Aunt Marlene, manages to turn herself from adult into a petulant child. She's delightfully naive but also heartbreaking in her neediness." -Nancy Worssam / Seattle Times

The American Pilot (Theater Schmeater):

"The characters are each marvelously drawn...Monroe is a radiant dream, and winsomely amusing when teen Evie uses her TV-derived English to offer the downed airman food: 'I am breakfast! Eat me up!' " -Tim Appelo / Seattle Weekly

Professions/skills: Voice Talent;Actor , Licensed Massage Practitioner

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