Patrick Lennon

Seattle, WA
Cell Phone: 206-817-2751
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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Sex:male
  • Age Range: 20 - 35
  • Vocal Range: Baritone
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 5' 5"



Since he began acting 18 years ago, Patrick has played a romantic lover, an arrogant prince, an upright duke, a fat drunken womanizer, an island savage, a murderous king, a pesky little brother, a wannabe strolling actor, a murderous king (again), a raging anti-feminist, a gossiping little shit, a witty proclaimed bachelor, a mysterious Italian visitor, a Rabbi's apprentice, a guy named Jack (or maybe Jill), a gullible butler, himself (sort of), a multi-talented young lord/servant/soldier, a crazy ninja butcher, a rabbit-loving private eye, a shipwrecked twin, the son no mother would love, a freezing refugee, a singing messenger boy, an eclectic conventioneer, a pre-hermetic tutor, an atheist who believes in God, an overbearing middle-aged woman, a dead cheesemonger, the Roman boy who lived, himself (sort of) (again), a visionary gardener, a woman's boyhood memory, a French herald, a Boy, a roynish clown, a guilt-ridden merchant mariner, a snarky genius, a tap dancing islander, a submissive neighbor, an OCD receptionist, a genetically perfect boyfriend, a law-breaking teacher, a jolly painter, an excitable little boy, a bored monkey, a star-struck photographer, a veteran farmer, an overzealous Christian, himself (sort of) (yes, again), a snarky genius (again), an emo prince, a disgruntled elf, a Bunburyist, a disgruntled elf (again), a charmed repairman, a noncommittal boyfriend, a falling country boy, a man without Hope, himself (sort of) (yes, again) (again), a Mormon missionary, a puritanical social worker, an Elizabethan fop, a ghostly mathematician, a disgruntled elf (yes, again), Scotto Moore, and a board game nerd.

But seriously, he has had the pleasure of working locally with Seattle Shakespeare Company, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, Theater Schmeater, Sound Theatre Company, 14/48: the world's quickest theater festival, GreenStage (both indoors and outdoors), Ghost Light Theatricals, Rainier Valley Youth Theatre, ReAct, the Driftwood Players, Woman Seeking... a theatre company, Stone Soup Theatre, ACT (Young Playwrights Festival and Represent! A Multicultural Playwrights Festival), Pratidhwani, Seattle Public Theater, and Mirror Stage Company, as well as internationally with the InPlayers of Amsterdam. He is a co-founder of Seattle Shakesbeerience, the company that produces a consistently sold-out series of trimmed down "drink in one hand, script in the other" readings of Shakespeare in local bars. As a teaching artist, Patrick has shared his passion for Shakespeare with students at Seattle Public Theater, Seattle Shakespeare Company, and Shakespeare Walla Walla. Patrick is also a former drag artist, performing as Piper Mantini with the award-winning drag trio PMS. He was nominated for a 2010 Gregory Award (presented by Theatre Puget Sound) in the category "Person to Watch." He currently serves on the board of Sound Theatre Company. Patrick is a proud Double Dawg, holding a BA from the Jackson School of International Studies and an MPA in Nonprofit Management from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, both at the University of Washington - Seattle. As always, for grandma.

Professions/skills: Volunteer or Board;Voice Talent;Producer;Public Relations;Managing Director;Educator;Director;Administrator;Actor;Acting Instructor

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