Patrick Lennon

Seattle, WA
Cell Phone: 206-817-2751
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  • Sex:male
  • Age Range: 20 - 35
  • Vocal Range: Baritone
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 5' 5"



Since he began acting 15 years ago, Patrick has played a romantic lover, an arrogant prince, an upright duke, a fat drunken womanizer, an island savage, a murderous king, a pesky little brother, a wannabe strolling actor, a murderous king (again), a raging anti-feminist, a gossiping little shit, a witty proclaimed bachelor, a mysterious Italian visitor, a Rabbi's apprentice, a guy named Jack (or maybe Jill), a gullible butler, himself (sort of), a multi-talented young lord/servant/soldier, a crazy ninja butcher, a rabbit-loving private eye, a shipwrecked twin, the son no mother would love, a freezing refugee, a singing messenger boy, an eclectic conventioneer, a pre-hermetic tutor, an atheist who believes in God, an overbearing middle-aged woman, a dead cheesemonger, the Roman boy who lived, himself (sort of) (again), a visionary gardener, a woman's boyhood memory, a French herald, a Boy, a roynish clown, a guilt-ridden merchant mariner, a snarky genius, a tap dancing islander, a submissive neighbor, an OCD receptionist, a genetically perfect boyfriend, a law-breaking teacher, a jolly painter, an excitable little boy, a bored monkey, a star-struck photographer, a veteran farmer, an overzealous Christian, himself (sort of) (yes, again), a snarky genius (again), an emo prince, a disgruntled elf, a Bunburyist, a disgruntled elf (again), a charmed repairman, a noncommittal boyfriend, a falling country boy, a man without Hope, himself (sort of) (yes, again) (again), a Mormon missionary, a puritanical social worker, an Elizabethan fop, a ghostly mathematician, and a disgruntled elf (yes, again).

But seriously, he has had the pleasure of working locally with Seattle Shakespeare Company, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, Theater Schmeater, Sound Theatre Company, 14/48: the world's quickest theater festival, GreenStage (both indoors and outdoors), Ghost Light Theatricals, Rainier Valley Youth Theatre, ReAct, the Driftwood Players, Woman Seeking... a theatre company, Stone Soup Theatre, ACT (Young Playwrights Festival and Represent! A Multicultural Playwrights Festival), Pratidhwani, and Mirror Stage Company, as well as internationally with the InPlayers of Amsterdam. He has also worked extensively with Seattle Public Theater, appearing on the mainstage, with the youth program, and in youth program alumni shows. Off-stage at SPT he has worked as an assistant director, stage manager, sound designer, and box office manager, and is a founding member of the Bathhouse Ensemble, a training lab for SPT's youth program alumni. He is a co-founder of Seattle Shakesbeerience, the company that produces a consistently sold-out series of trimmed down "drink in one hand, script in the other" readings of Shakespeare in local bars. As a teaching artist, Patrick has shared his passion for Shakespeare with students at Seattle Public Theater, Seattle Shakespeare Company, and Shakespeare Walla Walla. Patrick is also a former drag artist, performing as Piper Mantini with the award-winning drag trio PMS. He was nominated for a 2010 Gregory Award (presented by Theatre Puget Sound) in the category "Person to Watch." He currently serves on the board of Sound Theatre Company. Patrick is a proud Double Dawg, holding a BA from the Jackson School of International Studies and an MPA in Nonprofit Management from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, both at the University of Washington - Seattle. As always, for grandma.

Professions/skills: Volunteer or Board;Voice Talent;Producer;Public Relations;Managing Director;Educator;Director;Administrator;Actor;Acting Instructor

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