Daniel Wood

Seattle, WA
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  • Sex:male
  • Age Range: 30 - 40
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Bald
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight:200

In addition to working as an actor and director, Daniel is also the Artistic Director of The Rogues Gallery, a Geek Theater Company, dedicated to producing plays with geek themes. Daniel is also a member of Fern Shakespeare's acting company and is the Marketing Director for Theater Schmeater.

Currently Showing

Athos in The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas
Adapted by Gordon Carpenter
Directed by Erin Day


Caught with Seattle Public Theater
"Daniel Wood, in particular, delivers a terrific bit of physical comedy when his character flies into a Yosemite Sam-like rage after winning an argument. It's the first time in the play where you really begin to suspect something deeply wierd is going on, and it also reminds you that it's nice to watch somebody bust up a stage."
-The Stranger

The Nerd with Mount Baker Theatre
"Seattle actor Daniel Wood is awe-inspiring in the title role as the house guest from Hell. His characterization reminded me of some of Dick Martin's more inspired moments from Laugh-In and that's a very high compliment...."
-IMHO Performance Arts Review

Buckshot with Macha Monkey
"Daniel Wood was especially successful in creating an apparently superficial character who carries as great a depth as anyone in the story. I believed the relationship between the two siblings and I believed that their terrible shared history provided the definition of that relationship. Like Driscoll, Wood felt entirely contemporary, entirely ordinary, exactly the sort of person each of us runs into every day."
-Seattle Actor

The Temperamentals with Arouet
"[Director Roy Arauz] has a brilliant cast. Daniel Wood as Harry Hay plays loud, brash, obnoxious, divisive–and simultaneously tender, romantic, thoughtful. His portrayal absorbs all the contradictions of his character and gives each equal weight. Such a feat is commendable, and shockingly rare."
-Seattle Star

Superior Donuts with Seattle Public Theater
"Daniel Wood as the hired muscle, Kiril... manages to take his character into a place of sweet honesty. And he even managed to give me a lump in my throat...."
-Broadway World

Pinocchio (an English Panto) with Centerstage
"There are some standout performances in the group... Daniel Wood plays Stromboli as a cartoonish villain, walking a delicious line between evil and humor and generating willing boos and hisses from the audience."
-The News Tribune

The Tempest with GreenStage
"... Daniel Wood, sharp as a tack as the drunken butler Stephano, sat with some picnicking observers and ate their food. In his comically impulsive and self-deprecating turn, Wood's ironic breach of the fourth wall became a special moment."
-Seattle Times

The Woman in Black with Centerstage
"... an old-fashioned ghost story with exceptional acting from the two person cast... Wood, as the actor, is comically over dramatic and as Kipps his intensity is nerve-wracking."
-The News Tribune

Adventures in Mating with Theater Schmeater
"Theater Schmeater's aptly cast players serve up Scrimshaw's slick brand of humor without drowning the spontaneity of the dialogue in cheap red wine; Wood's carpet-piddling puppy persona never fails to draw laughs...."
-Seattle Weekly

The American Pilot with Theater Schmeater
"The characters are each marvelously drawn... Wood could scarcely be better as The Pilot."
-Seattle Weekly

Love's Tangled Web with Annex Theatre
"I had just witnessed the unsettling unveiling of [Wood's] particularly pale and flabby ass...."
-Seattle Weekly


Professions/skills: Writer;Volunteer or Board;Voice Talent;Stage Combatant;Producer;Marketing;Literary Manager;Director;Artistic Director;Actor

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