Javier Schialer

bellevue, WA
Cell Phone: 704-222-5634
Film/Video reel
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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian;Hispanic
  • Sex:male
  • Age Range: 20 - 35
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Height: 6' 0"
  • Weight:185

Representation: Heffner Management  email


STATISTICS                                                      AGENT

Ht: 6’00’’                                                        Heffner Management

Wt: 185                                                            Alicia Best

Hair: Black                                                     206-622-2211

Eyes: Brown                                                   Alicia@heffnermanagement.com             


FILMS                                            ROLE                                        DIRECTOR       

-Burn It All                                                 -Mean Boyfriend                                -Brady Hall

-Curtain Call                                              -Wesley                                               -Heidi Walker

-Rebeccah’s Statement                               -Nix                                                     -Rion Smith

-To The Left                                               -Armando                                            -David Quantic

-Exodus                                                      -Troy Erickson                                    -Robert Herbolich

-Side Effect                                                -Scott                                                  -Sean Thompson

-The Perfect Day                                        -Tony                                                   -Nils Osmar

-The Grill-A-Thon                                      -Michael                                              -TJ Hemmen

-The Collectors                                           -Peter                                                   -Jerome Rhett

-Too Far                                                     -Roy                                                    -TJ Hemmen

-The Bench                                                 -Sam                                                    -Robert Herbolich

-No Escape                                                 -Survivor                                             -TJ Hemmen

-Color TV, No Vacancy                             -Thief                                                  -Daniel Brown


   COMMERCIALS                                                      TRAINING

- Panasonic National Commercial                            - Nike Imoru, CSA – “Acting For The Camera”

- Ford Dream Big National Commercial                   - John Jacobsen – “Acting Classes”

- Chevy Colorado National Commercial                   - Jodi Rothfield, CSA – “Auditioning Workshops”

- Nike Free Trainer 5.0                                             -Bellevue College – “Theater 201”

- Amazon Fire                                                                            

- Microsoft 365                                                                 

- Wizards of the Coast                                                      


   ACCENTS                                                                       TV

  -Southern     -Spanish                                                      -MTV’s Friendzone   

  -French        -Italian                    



  - Fluent Spanish speaker, translator, certified soccer coach, personal trainer, swimmer, hiker, snowboarder, soccer player, yoga, volley ball, dog owner, banker,  public speaker                                                                   

Professions/skills: Translator;Student;Public Relations;Model;Marketing;Actor

Member in:

2019 - 2018 - 2017
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