Sandra Scragg

Burien, WA
Day Phone:2067087089
Eve Phone: 2067087089
Cell Phone: 2063346863
Film/Video reel
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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Sex:female
  • Age Range: 40 - 55
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: dark blonde
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight:160

Representation: Genesis Industries  email


FILM / Reel:     

AP Lunch                                                                      Lead - Teacher                                             Michael Fishman/DayMoon Productions

The Lost Wallet                                                             Lead - Pastor Amy                                       Bernard Mann/E:49 Films

Lean On Me                                                                  Producer/Supporting - Professor Collins      David Fowler/DCT Projects

Founding Fathers                                                          Supporting - Sheryl (Vigilante)                     Tommy Tang/Long Format Films

What About Katie?                                                        Lead - Mom Richardson                                Neil Ferron/Ferron Productions

Blood Ties                                                                     Lead - Mary (Stepmom)                                 Leo Ramos & Max Hansen/Vanity Rules Productions

Big Trouble in Seattle                                                    Lead - Geno (Crooked Lawyer)                     David Fowler/DCT Projects 

Such Shiba. Such Wow.                                                Supporting - Dog Breeder                             Juliet Dang/Rakesh Malik

Glitch                                                                              Supporting - Susan (Office Manager)           Addi Forras/Student Film            

Color Blind                                                                      Supporting - Seahawks Mom                        Renton Ratchets/Mackaroni Productions

Brooklyn                                                                          Supporting - Ms Garcenhuys (Teacher)        Long Tran/Renton Ratchets Studios

Mirrors                                                                             Supporting - Charlotte (Producer/Mom)        Dennis Tran/Student Film

When the Leaves Fall                                                      Supporting - Doctor                                       Tommy Tang/Long Format Films

Cereal?                                                                            Lead - Serial Killer (SIFF 48 Hour)                Bobby Mccallen/Mackaroni Productions

Camp Cedar River                                                           Lead - Camp Director (Renton 48 Hour)        Long Tran/Renton Ratchets Studios

Vast Minority                                                                    Supporting - Casting Director                         Audrey Seda, Long Tran/Hope Anchor Films

7 Witches                                                                         Sklar Witch - Background w/ stunt work         Brady Hall/GMMG Films



Carl Zapffe Silversmiths, Inc.                                             Customer                                                       Anderson Ross Productions

VIVE for Steam                                                                   Gamer                                                           Boardwalk Brand

Chevy of Puyallup                                                               Chevy Customer                                            Kevin Cooke Media

The Perfect Wine Opener                                                    Model                                                            Boardwalk Brand



Portlandia - Season 8                                                          Principal - Teacher                                        Graham Wagner/Sidestreet Entertainment, Inc.

Grimm - Season 6                                                               Background - Hotel Guest                              NBC/Open 4 Business Productions



Award Winning Plays - Director – Portland, OR

After Hours; Cave Dream; Perfect; The Audition; The Hysterical History of the Trojan War; The Apple

School Performances – Director – Seattle, WA

Game of Tiaras; The Internet is Distract...Oh Look, There’s a Kitten!; Midsummer Night’s Dream (Adapted);

Last Stop Till Christmas; Murder Most Fowl; Downtown Zombie; Couch Potato Santa; The Old Folks Home;      AP Theatre

Improv, Mime, Stage Combat, Cold Read, Scene Read, Monologues, Stagecraft, Redirection, Drama Games, Creative Drama                                                       



Ongoing Private Coaching                                                     Weekly Sessions                                      Tim True (Big, Little, Lies HBO)

Audition Workshop                                                                 Imoru Casting                                           Nike Imoru

Camera 1, 2, 3                                                                       Mighty Tripod Productions                        David Hogan/Angela DiMarco

On Camera Workshop                                                           Cast Iron Studios                                      Eryn Goodman/Tim True

Meisner Acting – Level 1, 2, 3                                                Playhouse NW Acting School                  Lisa Skvarla           

Firearms on Set                                                                      Onset Arms                                             Chad Hawthorne

Sit-com and Comedy MasterClass                                         Playhouse NW Acting School                  Maggie Reed (Seinfeld, Golden Girls)               

On-Camera Actors Workshop                                                 Playhouse Northwest Acting School       Ken Kreps (The Office)

Acting                                                                                      MasterClass                                            Kevin Spacey          

Scene Read Workshop w/ Sean Cook                                    Mighty Tripod Productions                        Angela diMarco

Scene Read/Improv                                                                 ACT Theater                                             Ken Kreps (The Office)

Cold Read – Scene Read & Commercial                                 Mighty Tripod Productions                       David Hogan

Cold Read/Scene Read/Redirect/Reaction                              AMTC                                                        Mark Daughtry/JoAnn Smolen (After Eden Mgmt)

On Set/Monologues/On Camera/Improv                                  AMTC                                                        Mark Daughtry/JoAnn Smolen (After Eden Mgmt)

Theater/Creative Drama                                                           Liz Furrer                                                   Berne, Switzerland



Languages: English, French, German, Swiss-German, Spanish, Afrikaans, Italian (Intermediate) 

              Athletics: Snow Skiing, Hiking, Running, Bicycling, Swimming, Light Stunt Work, Onstage Combat 

              Other: Swiss Passport Holder (US Resident Alien), Stick-Shift Driving, Public Speaking, Church Lector


Professions/skills: Director;Actor;Acting Instructor Operations Manager

Member in:

2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015
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