David Krafchick

Seattle, WA
Day Phone:206-283-6542
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  • Sex:male
  • Eyes: hazel
  • Hair: dirty blond
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Weight:163

MEMBER: Dramatists Guild of America

Here's the brief history:  I grew up in Baltimore, taking theater classes with the objective of using thater as a means for child development.  I am a product of this training.  I went to Boston University, got a degrtee in Directing and Stage Management, travelled around the country on Greyhound looking for work. Landed in Seattle in 1976, worked Bumbershoot for 4 years, tried to get a theater job, instead starting writing scripts and working with the Washington Arts Commission in Arts politics for the next 7 years.  Then got a Mac, got involved with User Groups, produced Events of every size imaginable, then got involved with SIFF first as a audience, then a procurer of their Hardware and Software Wish List, then volunteered and problem solved for 6 years.

But let's get back to what am I doing here now.  I have continued writing stories, scripts.  I attended readings of Film script and anaylize the elements of the script, looking for ways to improve the script toward the writers goals. I was taught well.  I extend this to my own work.  I have come close, but never published or performed.

Now I have turned 60 and I have a finished script that is making people sit up and take notice.  I will be posting more soon.  I will post an Audition for a reading that will be filmed for a promotional DVD.  It's called THE FAWN AND THE BLACK OAK, a sword play or a play of swords.  If you are interested or even curious, that's why I am a member with Theater Poget Sound.

Update:I am planning a Staged Reading of THE FAWN AND THE BLACK OAK, A SWORD PLAY. I will be working with a Fencing Master to traing fencing. All the Fencing will be live at this staged reading. If you are interested, get in touch.

Professions/skills: Playwright;Director

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