Joanne Burger

Seattle, WA
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  • Sex:female
  • Age Range: 30 - 40
  • Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano
  • Eyes: Hazel to green
  • Hair: Red/Blond
  • Height: 5' 9"

Representation: Big Fish NW

Joanne Burger is a Seattle-based artist and actor who is returning to acting after taking a few years off to have a second child. Sometimes you have to go all around the houses to find your way home; that describes Joanne route to the creative life after spending years in the tech industry. After having her "Oh right, I love this" moment she trained at Freehold, and joined the Actorswork workshop. 

She enjoys taking part in productions of all kinds with a particular taste for drama & dark comedy. 

When she isn’t acting, Joanne can be found in her studio making art jewelry.

Professions/skills: Model;Actor

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