Amy Kuefler

Seattle, WA
Cell Phone: 4802914552
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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Sex:female
  • Age Range: 27 - 40
  • Vocal Range: Soprano, F3 to C5
  • Eyes: green
  • Hair: brown
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight:165

Life Happens in Motion

Since moving to Seattle in 2012, I have completed my Masters of Music from the University of Washington, built up my private student base, and secured a lease on a professional rehearsal and teaching space on the North end of Queen Anne Hill. This space is the product of years of dreaming and hard work. I have been been studying the voice, and performing for the past 15 years through private voice lessons, higher education, and competition. With each year that has passed I have found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with my profession, and am continually struck by all the possibilities waiting to be be achieved within both performance and teaching. I find often that these two areas of my profession inform each other; for as I grow as a performer, my teaching becomes more dynamic, and as my teaching becomes more established I am spurred on to continue performing.

Professions/skills: Voice Talent;Vocal Coach;Singer;Actor

Member in:

2019 - 2012
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